About Us


After a couple of years in Canada, as Brazilians, we noticed that market lacks of some value, natural and healthy products that we have in our home country. So we started this company with a dream: a dream to provide the same good quality products that we have in Brazil to Canadians and to those that immigrated to Canada and are homesick.

Because there is a variety of excellent food and products in Brazil that Canadians can be entitled to have access as much as everybody else. For instance, there are studies about Soursop – Graviola – (a Brazilian fruit of Amazon) on combating effectively cancer cells.

Therefore we searched for healthy, organic and natural products that can also have benefits for healthy purposes. And after have found some, we created this company to finally provide these select products to Canadian market.

We do everything with care and hope you can enjoy ours “discoveries”!


More than good quality products, we also offer service!

We offer services to distributors, supermarkets and manufacturers, primarily of food and food related products.

FOR Retailers and Distributors

We are a company specialized in import and distribution of quality food and cosmetics products in various sectors. We’ll provide guidance to choose the best seller products for your business.

We’ll also work together to develop the products on the market with product tasting, samples and promotions.

For Suppliers and Manufacturers

We are specialists in introducing, planning, prospecting and delivering the right product to the Canadian market, bridging Canada and Brazil.

We can work on labels and packages together the supplying partner to ensure that products comply with requirements regarding nutritional information, labelling and relevant certification.


The origin of our company’s name has its meaning and expressiveness on the ibex, the scientific name of the alpine IBEX, a wild goat. His fearless, tough and strong character allows him to achieve the highest peaks of the mountains, even in a harsh winter. IBEXComm, as well as the ibex ram, aims its goals at highest points, exactly where it wishes to be.