Ubaya brings superfoods to the next level, offering maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories in delicious products. Our products are vegan and gluten-free based to make sure everybody can create tasty and healthy recipes.

Açaí em Pó

(Organic Açaí Powder)

Our premium, whole berry Açaí Powder is 100% organic, minimally processed açaí, grown via traditional agricultural methods in Brazil—with nothing added.

Tapioca Hidratada

(Hydrated Cassava Starch)

Our Tapioca is a good source of resistant starch, which supports gut health and blood sugar management. It also contains vitamin C, a key micronutrient that can enhance immune function and collagen production.

Suco de Uva

(Organic Grape Juice)

Our organic, Ubaya Grape juice is rich in antioxidants that can help memory function and protect heart health. 100% Pure.

Polpa de Maracujá

(Passion Fruit Pulp)

Our 100% pure passion fruit pulp comes with the seeds. It tastes just like the whole fruit which makes it perfect for any recipe or simply to drink as juice.

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